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Offering 46 Community Living Residences With 4 Homes In The Calgary Region For indivdiuals with Complex Needs.

These residences provide accommodations and 24-hour care to individuals with complex needs. Our community support residences promote personal living skills, life skills for independence and development of communication skills. Excel staff promote budgeting, positive behavioural supports to address challenging behaviours of concern, community inclusion, and healthy living routines. We even provide our clients a safe, online medication administration system called Catalyst within our residences.

Creative Supports 

At the Excel Society, we care about the people we serve, their families, and the broader community. We believe that every one deserves access to the highest level of care available and that is why many of our clients enjoy our Creative Supports Program.

This program provides individuals with disabilities access to the highest level of home supports and respite services. Though mainly concentrated in the Edmonton and Calgary areas, we have branched out to surrounding communities to ensure all Albertans receive effective care regardless of where they live.

Currently, individuals who are funded through Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD), Northwest Territories (NWT) and Nunavut as well as Children’s Services provide client service-provision to the Excel Society’s creative supports program.




For our clients, this supportive setting allows them to build their confidence at their own pace, and grow as individuals in the community. We listen to our clients and create programming that will engage their minds, and enrich their lives. Some examples of items our clients focus on are:


  • Individual Growth
  • Increased quality of life
  • Greater independence
  • Greater connection
  • Achievement of personal goals
  • Exposure to unique learning opportunities
  • Greater involvement in the community

By providing our clients with the support they need during opportunities of growth, they are able to overcome challenges and better establish themselves in the communities they reside in.


Supportive Independent Living

Available In Edmonton And Calgary

For our clients who only need support in certain areas of their lives, we offer a Supportive Independent Living service to explore those areas. Whether it be vocational, educational, or community-living based this service provides our clients with the additional support they need in particular situations to overcome challenges and take steps towards greater independence and personal growth.

As every client is different, our team members, known in this program as Outreach Workers, adjust their level of support based on the client’s specific needs. They work in collaboration with our clients to ensure that we creatively meet their emerging needs and provide them with nothing less than exceptional care day after day.


Addictions & Mental health Residence Care


At the Excel Society, we partner with our clients, their families, and our funders to provide the best possible care to be the Service Provider of Choice. To better provide for the people in our care, we offer 17 community-based support homes in Edmonton that operate under the Wellness Integrated Support Home (WISH) Program funded by Alberta Health Services. 

Each residence under the WISH program is primarily barrier free and consists of six to eight individuals who receive exceptional care and support from our team of Health Care Aides. While all members of the residence share common areas, each client can enjoy their own private bedroom, and in many cases, their own private ensuite.

The goal within each of these residences is to provide spaces in the community where adults with complex needs may receive 24/7 access to support to accommodate their needs. From daily activities such as meal preparation and personal care to assistance in accessing recreational activities, our person-centered approach allows us to work with the individual to ensure they receive the highest level of care. Every client also has a WISH Case Manager from Addictions and Mental Health who regularly assess the needs of the client to effectively schedule access to health care services.

By basing our services on the Recovery Model and focusing our efforts on strength-based care, each client will receive the highest levels of quality, safety, and service excellence. Allowing them to achieve their own personal goals and grow to become more independent members of the community.

Residential Services 

The Excel Society has a number of group homes in the Edmonton area that provide 24/7 care to individuals with various cognitive and developmental disabilities. These individuals are primarily funded by Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) and/or Northwest Territories and Nunavut (NWT), and provide them with the assistance they need in their daily lives.

For each of our group homes, the main goal is to provide these individuals with a safe and supportive environment where they may engage with the community, grow their abilities and work towards greater independence in their day-to-day lives.

We also are equipped with a online safe medication administration system called Catalyst, which is available in our homes.

Edmonton Residential Services 

The Excel Society currently has 42 Residential Group Homes in Edmonton for individuals with complex support needs. These homes provide a safe and supportive home environment that allows the people in our care to safely work towards their goals and grow as individuals in the community.

Calgary Residential Services

The Excel Society currently has 4 Residential Group Homes in Calgary for individuals with complex support needs. Similar to their Edmonton Counterparts, these homes provide accommodations and 24/7 access to support that enable the people in our care to grow their abilities and work towards greater independence in their day-to-day lives.

PDD Residential Services

Located in Residence 66 at Grand Manor in Edmonton.

This particular residence is a PDD funded area for individuals who may require greater medical or mobility support that cannot be provided in a typical group home. This residence is located within Grand Manor, one of the Excel Society’s long-term care facilities and provides individuals with a barrier-free environment for them to live comfortably.

Youth Services 

Available in Edmonton and Calgary

At the Excel Society, we nurture personal expression, innovation, and resourcefulness. We believe every person should have access to personal development opportunities, and by working with the people in our care and their families/guardians, we provide them with the services they need to grow, develop and receive an education.

Our Youth Services offer a client-centered approach that cater to each individual’s needs, and enable us to create effective programming to promote greater independence while encouraging them to grow at the pace they are most comfortable with. By offering a number of assessments that focus on health, education, social development and day-to-day living skills, our team of multi-disciplinary staff allows us to deliver targeted services and tailored support to the people in our care.

As we are committed to providing exceptional care through meaningful engagement, our program has developed a strong reputation for delivering high quality, person-centered supports for children and youth. By striving to work collaboratively with the youth in our care, we are able to creatively meet their current and emerging needs while continuously providing a safe and comfortable environment for them to explore and develop as individuals.

Additional Services 

Supportive Home Operators (SHOs)

At the Excel Society, we work with our clients, their families, and the greater community. SHOs can be an individual person or family who is interested in welcoming one or more clients to join them in a shared living environment. In order to become an SHO, the individual or family must sign an independent contractor agreement with the Excel Society.

These SHOs are very similar to our other residences as they also provide 24/7 community living supports for them to work towards their goals and grow as individuals.

Respite Providers

In order to ensure the client’s needs are consistently being met, Respite Providers are subcontracted by Support Home Operators to offer temporary living and support environments. By collaborating with one another, they are able to make client care arrangements when the SHO requires a relief breaks and allows the client to experience new activities or situations in the community.



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