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The Excel Society offers a number of day programs for individuals with disabilities in both Edmonton and Calgary.

In Edmonton, adult day programs and senior-focused programming (CH55) are located at Gerard Raymond Centre (GRC). We also offer a Community-based day program in Calgary.

Even though each facility caters to separate demographics, both facilities offer a variety of recreational activities for individuals to enjoy new and unique experiences in a safe and supportive setting. Each day, our team collaborates with the individuals in our care to create programs and activities that encourage initiative and lead to greater independence along the way.

By creating unique experiences within a supportive environment, the individuals in our care can feel confident in their abilities and safely work towards their own personal goals at the rate that they feel most comfortable with.

Gerard Raymond Centre

11831 123 Street NW, Edmonton, AB.


The focus at the Gerard Raymond Centre is to help clients to discover their personal qualities and set personal goals.  Day Programs offer individuals with developmental disabilities opportunities to access their communities in areas of Recreation/Leisure, supported volunteerism/ work experience and to support skill development that will enhance individual independence and personal goals/needs.

Through community access, educational opportunities and personal skill development, individuals attending the GRC are offered a variety of day-to-day options to fulfill client’s dreams and goals.

Each individual receives supports based on their unique support needs, from communication to addressing behaviors of concern, to life skill development. Using the Person Centered Planning philosophy, individuals are encouraged and supported to guide their futures at the GRC based on their preferences and choices.


GRC offers several classes that promote personal growth and skill development – Circles (levels I & II), Basic Computer skills, Cooking, Beginners Sign Language, Self Esteem, Music Appreciation, Art, Employment Readiness, and many more!

The GRC often participates in social activities such as dances, baseball and soccer games at the local parks, floor hockey at the Westmount Fitness Center, day trips to tourist sites, and tours of local services (E.g. STARS, Fire Department).

Gerard Raymond Centre was very fortunate to receive a grant which allowed us to build a multi-sensory room, an excellent support resource, for individuals with sensory issues. The room gives our clients the opportunity to exert and experience control over their environment through direct interaction with the equipment giving them the feeling of independence and choice.

The GRC also offers workshops to our clients based on each individual’s interests and goals and are generally in the morning or afternoon once a week for a period of 13 weeks. Some examples of courses offered include Communication and language, Self-Esteem and self-worth, Safety Skills & Hygiene, Financial Management, World Knowledge with Human Rights and much more depending on the interests of the group.

Clubhouse 55

We’ve brought Clubhouse 55 and GRC under one roof. Our clients from both programs can now enjoy shared resources, activities, and a closer-knit community. It’s all about making things even better for everyone involved.

Day Program for Seniors 55+

Clubhouse 55 is a program which focuses on the unique needs of the 55+ community. Facility and community-based recreation and leisure opportunities will feature more mature, relaxed options meeting the interests of our senior population.


The Day Options service focuses on supporting individuals to connect in meaningful ways to the larger community. This program’s main focuses include making and keeping friends, participating in meaningful recreational and leisure pursuits, and/or contributing back to the community through volunteer opportunities.

A Focus on the Community

With a focus on the communities in the west end of Edmonton using recreation, leisure, and social programs as a vehicle for the development of social connections, the goal of the Excel Society’s Clubhouse 55 is to bridge the gap between seniors aged 55 and over who have been diagnosed with mental or developmental disabilities with other community seniors.

Participants are supported to access programs offered in senior centres, clubs & groups throughout Edmonton.

We aim to have Clubhouse 55 a place where seniors from all walks of life can come and meet, share experiences, socialize together and be part of an active and supportive community, thus meeting our overall objective of supporting social participation and inclusion of seniors.

If you are interested in this program, please contact our intake coordinator at 780-733-0256 or, Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 4:00pm.



Community-Based Day programs in Calgary


The Excel Society offers day program supports to the people in our care as well as for those who live independently, with their family or with other support agencies. This program differs from our Edmonton services as it is primarily community-based, where our team provides person-centered support to these individuals during any given activity.

By collaborating with the individuals in our care, we are able to create a tailored program that have specific activities to meet their unique needs. In doing so, the people in our care can enjoy enriching experiences that foster greater growth and independence.

We provide a wide variety of experiences for the people in our care to stimulate and improve multiple aspects of their lives. This includes activities focused on recreation and leisure, academic skill building, social skills, life skills, vocational skills, community access, and much more.

By creating unique experiences within a supportive environment, the individuals in can feel confident in their abilities and safely work towards their own personal goals at the rate that they feel most comfortable with.


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