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The Excel Society cares about people, and we want people to feel accepted, valued, cared for and connected to a meaningful community of support. As many of our clients come from different walks of life, not all of them are able to afford certain activities or experiences that most of us take for granted.  

This is why we created the Excel Society’s Enrichment Fund.

By introducing this new donation framework, we are able to provide the people in our care with more opportunities for them to express themselves, feel connected to their community, and create meaning in their life. The Enrichment fund also enables our donors to directly support client enrichment by selecting one of the four enrichment funds:  


Artistic Enrichment – Help a client access artistic supplies and experiences. 

Musical Enrichment – Help a client access musical instruments and experiences. 

Recreational Enrichment – Help a client access sport, leisure or recreational activities. 

Holiday Enrichment – Help a client have a simple holiday or celebrate a special occasion. 

Donations to the Excel Society Enrichment funds will go directly to our clients and will be used in the area you selected. Enriching a life is simple and rewarding when you take the first step and join the Excel Society with a gift to the Excel Society’s Enrichment Fund.  


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How the Excel Society distributes your donations.



Why did we create the Enrichment Fund?

At the Excel Society we are committed to providing exceptional care through meaningful engagement.

Many people in our care have approved funding from the province that covers their housing and support needs but leaves a small amount for enrichment. Opportunities to focus on their wellness, learn to play a musical instrument or even enroll into summer camps are just out of their grasp. This is why we created the Enrichment Fund to ensure that all of the people in our care have the opportunity to grow as individuals and pursue their own personal goals.

How much of each donation goes directly to the people in our care?

The Excel Society is recognized as a partner & employer of choice in the Community Living and Supportive Services industry due to our ability to provide exceptional care to our clients while also operating a highly efficient and effective governance. In addition to this, we are fortunate enough to receive generous donations from our partners in the community to offset our fundraising and administration expenses.

Because of this, 100% of the amount donated is directed towards enriching opportunities for the people in our care.

This means that your donation will go directly towards enriching the lives of our clients by providing them with access to greater opportunities for them further develop their skills, enjoy themselves, and connect with the community.


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