60th Anniversary Charitable Golf Tournament!

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After a small hiatus, we are pleased to bring back our Charitable Golf Tournament to The Ranch Golf & Country Club on June 11th, 2024 at 2:15 pm! 

This event will be raising funds to create a new possibility for the people in our care and allow them to safely age in a place they can call home!

Join us for a round of golf at one of Edmonton’s finest courses and help support the people in our care with increasing health care needs.

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we care about the people we serve.

Over the past six decades, we have developed a broad range of programs and services to best support the people in our care. Our unique holistic approach to exceptional care through meaningful engagement places us to be at the forefront of innovative services.

One initiative we are proud of started by recognizing the need for a bridge between health care and supportive services for individuals living with developmental disabilities. As you know, aging often increases the need for health care. However, the traditional model of supportive living health care is not designed to provide the daily supports an individual with a developmental disability may need.

This specialized approach to managing behaviours, communication, engagement, and more, is unfortunately outside the scope of Designated Supportive Living and Long Term Care. 

Because of this, our clients were left with a difficult choice. Do they:

A) Leave their homes along with the supports that allow them to stay active for traditional healthcare supports, or

B) stay in their homes, sacrificing optimal care for their increasing health care needs.


At Excel we believe our clients could have the best of both worlds! Our solution enabled our clients to incorporate daily supports and health care supports within a physical environment and keep them safe. The Iggulden House at Excel Society’s Grand Manor is a raving success story! 

Our clients are living better, with a notable reduction in hospitalizations, falls, and complex behaviors. There is a vast improvement in their quality of life and relationships. 

In spite of these great achievements these clients are not recognized the same as others living in a supportive living facility therefore, they don’t receive the same funding. This has caused a serious financial burden for them.  

Your Support will create a lasting effect

Our solution bridges the gap between provincial ministries; however, the funding remains siloed. As a result, we understand that this is not a viable long-term solution and we are hopeful, with your support, to introduce a new location for these individuals where the funding will be aligned with their needs.

This location will fulfil all its current duties while also:

Increasing Capacity 

Increasing our capacity to serve individuals with developmental disabilities with more complex service needs

Opening new opportunities 

Open much needed supportive living space at Grand Manor for new clients to receive support from our team.

Alleviating the Financial Burden 

Alleviate the funding disparity between funding and service needs.

With your support we can work to create this new possibility for the people in our care and allow them to safely age in a place they can call home!

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Events such as this golf tournament can provide organizations with incredible opportunities to market their brand, reach new customers, improve their public perception, and increase their sales.

As a frontrunner in Community Living and Supportive Services with 60 years of experience, we are excited to bring back this event and collaborate with other organizations to ensure that everyone walks away happy!

Have a look at our sponsorship package below and if you have any questions, ideas, or want to see how a certain level can work for your organization, please contact tnorth@excelsociety.org!

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