What the Excel Advantage means to us.


To ensure that the Excel Society remains at the forefront of everyday excellence and innovation in Community Living & Supportive Services, we revitalized our strategic plan in 2018. By collaborating with our clients, their families, our team and our partners we were able to develop a plan that would enrich the lives of every member of the Excel Society.

We believe our strategic plan is more than plan; it’s a way of being at the Excel Society, and it informs every aspect of how we provide exceptional care through meaningful engagement. This plan:

  • Creates a culture of innovation, learning and continuous improvement;
  • Creatively meet the emerging needs of our clients and their families;
  • Fosters a culture of appreciation and recognition to enrich our entire team; and
  • Ensures the long term success of the Excel Society.


Our plan is alive now, and it’s called The Excel Advantage.

Our Vision



Excel Society is at the forefront of everyday excellence and innovation in Community Living and Supportive Services.


Our Mission



Excel Society is committed to providing exceptional care through meaningful engagement and adherence to the highest standards of quality, safety, and service excellence.  

Our Values


We are all connected to something special, and a lot of that has to do with our common values. These values enable us to achieve superior results in providing exceptional care to our clients through meaningful engagement, and by working together, we are able to create innovative ways to bring joy, excitement and meaning to our clients lives each and every day.


We care about one another. 




We do what is right.




We safely achieve superior results.




We nurture personal expression, innovation and resourcefulness.




We work together. 

Our Priorities



The Excel Advantage is based on Four Core Pillars. 

Exceptional Care

We partner with our clients, their families, and our funders, to provide the best possible care to be the Service Provider of Choice. The goal of the Excel Society is nothing less than exceptional care.



Meaningful Engagement

We foster a culture of appreciation and recognition that achieves the highest possible employee engagement and satisfaction. This means that while we all have different roles, each of us is equally as valuable to our clients, each other and the Excel Society, and each of us deserves the same level of respect from each other.

Being at the Forefront

We are recognized as a partner & employer of choice and an industry leader in community living and supportive services. Forefront is meant to challenge each of us. It is a term used to describe continuous improvement where each of us has a leadership role in identifying, sharing and practicing new and innovative ways to achieve the highest standard of quality, safety and service excellence.

Organizational Stewardship

We are accountable to our stakeholders for executing our mission faithfully and managing our resources effectively. Meaning that each of us has a role in ensuring the long term success of the Excel Society. Whether this is through adherence to our policy, ensuring we are always meeting and exceeding our standards, thinking about our environmental footprint or being conscious of savings we can achieve, we are all stewards of the Excel Society.


Our Programs & Services

Now that you know what we are about, learn about what services and programs we provide in both Edmonton & Calgary.



Excel Society | Enriching Lives 



Edmonton – Head office

Office Hours: 9 AM – 4:30 PM (Weekdays)
Phone: (780) 455-2601
Fax: (780) 455-2589
Suite 500 – 9707 110 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 2L9

Calgary Office

Phone: (403) 730 2117
Fax: (403) 503 1126

intake information

For all intake inquiries please email: intake@excelsociety.org

Edmonton Residential Supports & Day Programming:
intake@excelsociety.org or 780-733-0256

Excel Society Balwin Villa: (780) 757 5550

Excel Society Grand Manor: (780) 441 7979

Calgary Residential Supports & Day Programming:
(403) 730 2117 ext. 1